Thursday, July 15, 2010

The River

Test Print
Yuma,Az August 2010

Digital Test Print
Yuma, Az August 2010
In August 2004 I relocated from Los Angeles and accepted a teaching job in a small Arizona border community . This area is known as one of the driest and hottest in the US . I accepted this position to get away from the drama , isolation and disconnectedness of the big city .

A year later . Amancio Corrales a 23 year old man was found brutallty murdered and floating in a culvert connected to the Colorado River a mile from the high school I teach at . He died from what has been publicly described by authorities as "Violent Trauma" . I have begun talking to people and photographing sites that make up this day . As time and money permit I will add images and text describing the day this event occured .

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