Saturday, August 7, 2010

The River

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He was floating in the river . She told me when they pulled him out his shirt was off and all he was wearing was a bra and jeans . His jean had been unbuttoned . She said she could see stubble on his face.

First he started punching him and then threw him down in the dirt , then began beating him with a bat . She told me when she went to the river the next day she saw marks in the dirt , she said it look liked he was trying to get away . She said it looked like " he was clawing or digging in the dirt" .

She told me he took out his knife and began slashing and stabing him . "He stabbed him 31 times". She said when she went to the river the next day "There was blood all over the place" . The stab to his heart is what killed him .

He bragged about it at a house party , She said "He went around telling everbody at that party" "and everybody at that party kept it a secret for two years" .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The River

Wig Shop (digital test print)
Yuma, Az August 2010

The culvert (Digital test print)
Yuma, Az August 2010

Before she left , she said she saw him with another guy in the gravel parking lot, behind the bar . The guy was leaning against a chain link fence with his hands behind his head. She said the guy was posing and Amancio was watching .